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Climb Square Use of Facility Agreement and Conditions

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A. Personal information collected by Discovery CS Co.,Ltd.
may be used to analyze customers’ usage patterns of the facilities.

B. Required information that is collected: Name, Gender, Phone Number, and Date of Birth.
Optional Information: Address

C. Personal information collected will be retained for a period of up to 3 years.

<<Assumption of Responsibilities and Risk of Injury Agreement>>

<General Acknowledgement of Use, Climbing Risks, Rules, and Responsibilities>

◼ ClimbSquare, Climb Square, and Climbing Square is all referred as Discovery CS Co.,Ltd.
◼ Climbing is considered a high-risk activity. I recognize injuries and accidents that may occur due to these risks and the use of the climbing facilities.
◼ Always use and wear appropriate climbing gear (climbing shoes, harness, rope, etc.) when using the climbing facility.
◼ Children under the age of 13 years old must be accompanied by a parent guardian who has more than 3 months of climbing experience and can provide guidance and supervision of the child, or the child must be accompanied by a Climb Square instructor.
◼ Climb Square classes are limited to some of the facilities
◼ Report any abnormalities found while using the facility or equipment to the front reception desk.

◼ I agree to adhere to and abide by any guidance, supervision, or eviction determined by the safety officer or manager if my actions or behavior may pose a risk of injury to myself or others.
◼ Each user of the facility must be familiar with the safety and risks involved that is associated with climbing artificial rock-climbing walls.
◼ Climb Square is not responsible for personal belongings that may be damaged, lost, or stolen.
◼ All rope climbing walls require a belayer to one climber.
◼ A belayer is a person who controls the safety rope for a climber. A person who turns a rope around a cleat, or belaying pin, to keep the rope taut or to take the slack between the climber and the anchor device to minimize the distance of fall.

< Use of Highwalls, Climbing Risks, and Responsibilities >

◼ Inappropriate use of; or not using the proper climbing equipment may result in bodily injury when climbing, belaying, descending, recovering ropes, etc.
◼ It is the participants’ responsibility to inspect and report any defects, damage, or safety risks of the facility, climbing walls, rental equipment, etc. which also includes all personal equipment, before use and after.
◼ All belayers are required to visibly wear the Climb Square Belay Certification (Top-Rope or Lead) while belaying.
◼ Climb Square Belay Certification is non-transferable and it is prohibited to wear someone
else’s Belay Certification to belay. Any person or persons who violate this policy will be forced
to leave the facility; ban from using the facility, and belay certifications will be revoked.
<Use of Bouldering Walls, Climbing Risks and Responsibilities>
◼ Climbing artificial bouldering walls is considered a high-risk activity and potential injuries may occur, but are not limited to, the following:
o Bodily injury from collision with the wall, pillars, mat, floor, holds, etc. when falling.
o Bodily injury from scraping; bumping into; grabbing onto; holds and volumes.
o Bodily injury from collisions with other climbers or bystanders when falling.
o Bodily injury from falling objects, such as cellphones, keys, shoes, etc.
o Bodily injury from climbing a level beyond one’s capabilities, strengths, skills, etc.
◼ We recommend climbing all the way down with the use of down holds and other holds nearby and not jumping off from the artificial bouldering walls.

<Use of Auto Belays, Easy Belays, Climbing Risks, and Responsibilities >

◼ All participants, parents, and guardians must attend the Easy Climb Safety and Use Instruction Class.
◼ Easy Climber Requirements:
o Must be 5 years or older o Weight limit is between 16 Kg to 120 Kg (35 lbs. to 265 lbs.) o Have no heart issues o Must utilize appropriate gear and equipment for climbing o Parents/Guardians must accompany children under the age of 13 years old at all times.
◼ Easy Belay System Requirements:
o Must be 13 years or older to belay.
o Climbers must have a belayer when climbing walls with the Easy Belay System.
◼ General Acknowledgement of Use and Cautions o Climbers must always utilize safety equipment which includes the Auto Belays or Easy Belays when climbing.
o The Easy Climb Walls are only designed for vertical ascend climbing and descending only and not side to side.
o Users below the minimum weight requirement may not properly descend.
o Faulty or damaged equipment and gear must not be used and should be reported immediately to the nearest staff member.

< Use of Facility and General Agreement >

◼ I understand that the belay certificate given by ClimbSquare is only recognized by ClimbSquare, and I understand that it is not an official certificate commonly used in other facilities or natural rock climbing.
◼ I fully understand the risks that are associated with using the ClimbSquare facility, and I acknowledge that the risk of climbing is so diverse that there may be unexpected risks other than the risk factors described above, and that the risk cannot be absolutely reduced or eliminated.
◼ I understand that I cannot use the facility while under the influence of any substance or recovering from such use, and I agree that I am fully responsible for all damages and injuries in the event of a negligent act.
◼ I agree that I am solely responsible for the injury or death of others, and the destruction and damage of facilities caused by my negligence. Therefore, when using the facility or taking a course, I will act safely so as not to harm others and the facility, and in the case of children and disabled people who have difficulty making good judgment, I agree that the accompanying guardian(s) will take full responsibility.
◼ This Agreement and waiver shall be deemed to have been automatically agreed upon any future revisitation to any of the ClimbSquare locations and facilities.
◼ I have fully understood and agree to all terms above and acknowledge that I am responsible for any accidents that occur during any physical activity and ClimbSquare holds no responsibility for any accidents, injuries, destruction, or death of the individual or other individuals who use or visits the facility. I will not pursue nor file a lawsuit against ClimbSquare or its staff.

< Membership or Class Temporary Hold Policy  >

◼ Monthly Climbing Members are allowed temporarily to Hold their membership status for up to 30 days but must be more than 7 days. Membership hold allotment is dependent on the type of membership.
o 1 Month Members – Allotted 1 Hold o 3 Month Members – Allotted 2 Holds o 6 Month Members – Allotted 3 Holds o 1 Year Members – Allotted 4 Holds
◼ Through the SmartFit Member App, customers can temporarily hold their membership status once and any other holds need can be done over the phone or in person.
◼ If you are needing a temporary hold over your allotment or extended hold beyond 30 days, customers will need supporting medical documents or a work letter to justify the special case.
◼ Members or Climbing Students needing temporary hold or lesson rollover due to an atypical situation will need to consult with management.

< Refund Policy  >

◼ The refund amount is calculated based on a deduction of the number of days passed or the number of lessons conducted regardless of attendance and a deduction of a 13% refund fee.
◼ Monthly membership - refund deduction calculation is applied differently for use under 80% and use over 80%.
◼ Other refund requests that are atypical, will require consultation with management.

I have fully informed myself of the contents of this agreement by reading it and I accept the terms and conditions to use the facility by signing below.

Minors under the age of 18 need the consent of their guardian or legal representative.

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